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Artico was born in 1979 from an idea of ​​the Roncarati family.

Starting from the Italian market, Artico has been able to deal with the cultures of the world, evolving and expanding in a perfect balance between artisan tradition and design innovation. Today the brand boasts exports to every corner of the globe, satisfying the demands of a varied and transversal target.

Over time, Artico has been able to stand out thanks to the experimentation of mixed and reversible garments, but also through the use of noble fibers such as cashmere or angora, intertwined with shearling and suede. Each garment becomes a unique piece that adapts to the body like a second skin, ensuring extreme comfort and softness.

To work fine raw materials you need ingenuity, creativity, craftsmanship: human skills that machines cannot replace.

In order to minimize the environmental impact, Artico rejects the logic of fast fashion. Thanks to a significant reduction in production volumes and a constant commitment to guaranteeing the consumer garments that can last a lifetime, Artico improves the long-term sustainability of the fashion sector. For this reason, the production of the garments takes place only on request, in order to avoid unnecessary leftovers to be disposed of.

Adhering to slow fashion, Artico aims for quality rather than quantity, in the awareness that the fashion of the future will necessarily be slow and thoughtful.

Artico craftsmanship is a fundamental prerogative, which is why every single creation is born and developed in the small internal laboratory (in-house Laboratory), in a setting made up of thoughts, ideas and emotions. No machinery, but highly qualified craftsmen united by the same passion, capable of guaranteeing the highest production standards.